L’Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 – Jakarta!

Versi Bahasa Indonesia terdapat di sini.

4… 3… 2… 1… 0!

They appeared on the stage and said: Hello Jakarta!!!!
We all replied: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (100x louder than them, hehehehe..)

Once L’Arc~en~Ciel (aka Laruku) came on the stage for the first time….
my first reaction was: cried! (uh oh!) I’ve never ever dreamed that I’ll be able to watch them perform right before my eyes, LIVE!
my second: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
my third: sang along with them and bounced like balls and waved the light stick in my hand in a frenzy (uhm.., it means that those people at Lapangan D that night were all frenzy, hehehe… :p )

Thanks a load for my friend from the office next to mine, who had “encouraged” me  (read: pushed) to be there. It’s a no-regret, anyway.  The sweaty effort to get the plane ticket, the rush I experienced just to be there in time, plus the bottleneck jam just to get into the venue were perfectly swept away by their performance. Damn good!!! >,<

and the most priceless thing is… THIS: The Closest Distance Between Him and Me, Ever!!! (‘though there’s still a 100m-distance… ^^; )

And I was more and more frenzy when they sang Chase, XXX, Ready Steady Go, Forbidden Lover, My Heart Draws a Dream, err.. what else? f(O,o) err…All of the songs!!!!!! >,<

Anyway, it is my first concert, and it was a satisfaction for me. Although I just got the Premium ticket (wished I got the VIP!! >,<), even though I heard several negative comments upon the concert (“they didn’t sing this, sing that..!”, whatever!), although during the last 2 songs some regular–ticket-holders trespassed the fence and illegally be in the Premium area,  and although some songs were alien to me (oh please.. I’ve just been a Cieler for 10 years. Still a newbie, eh.), IMHO, the concert was a big hit. It worth the hectic I felt and the sleep-over at the airport, just to catch the first flight to be at my office in time.

BTW, they said that they will be back (and as a respond of course we all screamed like crazy). Have to fight!! Next tour, have to get the VIP ticket!!! \(>,<)/


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